Jeff Edwins | About Me

Jeff Edwins musical career began back in Pittsburgh, PA where as a young teenager he performed alongside his famous father, Chuck Edwards, and 4 siblings in a family band called, “The Edwards Generation”. After many performances in the Pittsburgh and New York areas, the family signed a recording contract with New York based “Ghetto Records.” Shortly afterwards the family relocated to sunny California. This led to numerous TV appearances on shows including The Mike Douglas Show, Whatchamacallit and Zoom, all nationally syndicated shows. A few years later the band (minus Chuck Edwards and sister Charlene) toured Japan, Switzerland, Norway, Germany and Canada. The 4 brothers, Jeff, Ron, Myron and Les briefly parted ways to explore other musical interests. Jeff and Ron got together and started a new band called “Movin.” A couple of years later Myron and Les both rejoined the brothers and Movin’ was one of the most successful and hardest working bands in the SF Bay Area. After more than 15 years of performing together, Movin’ disbanded. After a few years of performing with other local acts, Jeff decided he wanted to start his own band. As a result, The Edwins Brothers band was formed along with brother Myron. While Jeff still does performances upon request with both Movin’ and The Edwins Brothers, his interest today is focused on his solo career. 

Jeff Edwins is a seasoned veteran performer who has shared stages with the likes of Bebe and Cece Winans, George Benson, M.C. Hammer, Con Funk Shun, WAR, Ralph Tresvant (of New Edition), blues legend Kenny Neal, the Intruders and many other artists.

Musical genre: Smooth Jazz, R&B, Funk, Soul & Pop