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Late Night Romance CD Release Soon!


Midnight Mood Video


Beautiful World Video




4 thoughts on “Jeff Edwins | Videos

  1. Hi- A group of us are looking to go out dancing and wondering if you play some great dance music- what kind do you play? Flamingo always has good dance bands but we really want to whoop it up- a bunch of crazy gals out on th e town- please let me know so I can spread the word- thanks rocki

  2. Hi Rocki, if you come to the Flamingo when I’m in town you will have come to the right place! We do great R&B dance music! You will not be disappointed. I will return on Friday, March 29th. Please spread the word. Thanks!!!

  3. Jeff I haven’t seen you play since Movin’. However you’re playing at the Flamingo this Saturday and I want to tell my friends. Can we expect that same dance music and awesome charisma? I’m looking forward to seeing you.


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